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Friends, Personal Info, Pages I did

Page of Personal Information, Friends Homepages and Pages I Have Worked On

Personal Information

Hello there. Since you are here you must want to know something about me. Well I am a Senior (finally) with a Computer Science major with a Math minor at Mansfield University. I am 25 years old and hope to graduate before I am old enough to collect Social Security. And it may accually happen!!! I enjoy reading science fiction especially fantasy, writing web pages, playing Role Playing Games, playing computer games and playing on a couple of MOOs with a few friends of mine. OK so I spend a lot of time playing.

Friends and Faimily On the 'Net

Thomas Wilson Kelli Kincaid DietCoke's Web Page Jeff's Page Keith's Retreat on the Web Keith Alexander Bishop's Homepage

Pages I Have Worked On

The Education Department at Mansfield University Legal Issues for Internet Users The Net Wizard Workshop The Fianicial Aid Deptartment at MU (coming soon (Maybe???) ) Guire Webb's Contempary Jazz DietCoke's Web Page Jeff's Page Darren Wilson's 2nd Personal Homepage Mary Coploff's Antiques and Collectibles on the Web Susan McCarty's Math Center Karen Croce's Math Lab Kathy Innes' School Nurse Office Betsy Coffey's Social Studies Guide to Pennsylvania
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